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Because we do not fail.

We are a stay-up-till-2 A.M, bash our heads through a wall, leave no stone unturned, jump in front of a train, do whatever it takes, I’m on my 8th cup of coffee today, committed to your success type of team.


Transparent Partnership

Is at the heart of everything we do.
We want you to know the numbers and understand the return.

There won’t be any Wizard of Oz sh’t going on, where what happens behind the curtain is different than what you see.

We know that you want to follow every detail of your campaign, trace every lead to its source, and follow every dollar as it is invested in strategy, design, implementation, tracking, media, buying and more.

And with a transparent partnership, you will be able to do just that.

All we ask is that you meet with us once a month to see exactly how your investment in our partnership is paying off. And it will.It will pay off with more traffic, more leads, more customers, fewer headaches and most importantly, more money.

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Grow Your Business

Learn How To Maximize Your Business’s Potential


We will put you on the fast-track for growth by helping you:
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Minimize your Risk
  • Streamline your Scaling
  • Find new Audiences
With results you can look at, understand, and track

Higher traffic, more leads, and new customers don’t mean anything unless they actually help you make money and help your business grow. Never lose sight of that.

More customers mean more customer service tickets, more ad spend, and more risk. We help you map out your growth processes so that you can scale smoothly. Build a marketing machine that works.That pays you back for all the hard work we have both put into it.

Unlike Most other agencies, we don’t boost our billings by selling you superfluous services. We know that would just slow your growth in the long run. And we are in it for the long run. Because we want to grow together.

It is that simple.

Let the name dropping begin

Earl Scheib Paint & Body
Realty Executives
Parker and Sons
Hotel Playa Mazatlan
Arthur Murray Dance Studios
Computer Renaissance
Jacoby and Meyers Law Offices
Allstate Self Storage

Individual  Approach

We understand that every business is different.

Which is why every business solution or advertising campaign we design is custom made; specifically, for you and your company’s unique needs. Targeted at your company’s audience.

We would never ask you to go in front of your bosses or you board to present them with a cookie-cutter, seen-it-1,000-times-before, slapped-together marketing plan.

F*ck that.

It wouldn’t be fair to them, to us, and more importantly, to you.
We will get to know you, and you will get to know us. Then we will put together the perfect custom strategy.

And it is going to make you look really, really smart.

Schedule Your 30 Minute Success Call Today

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Meet Our Passionate Team

We Bring Together These Creative Minds Every Day To Inspire
Big Ideas And Deliver Measurable Results For Your Brand

Mike Donato

Mike Donato

Managing Partner
Alona Rudnitsky

Alona Rudnitsky

Managing Partner
Isaac Hess

Isaac Hess

Project Coordinator
Conner Farquharson

Conner Farquharson

Advertising Specialist
Lindsay Hattenburg

Lindsay Hattenburg

Creative Strategist
Gabrielle Hafalia

Gabrielle Hafalia

Copywriting Intern
Marina Grant

Marina Grant

Production Coordinator
Nathan Rea

Nathan Rea

Lead Copywriter


Copywriting Intern
Michael Drozdowicz

Michael Drozdowicz

Advertising Specialist
Hector Ruiz

Hector Ruiz

Multicultural Copywriter
Anil Arya

Anil Arya

Lead Developer
Jean Sumarago

Jean Sumarago

Organic Coordinator
Dandin Amedo

Dandin Amedo

Organic Specialist


Human Resources


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Getting Started

Our director of business development, Ronnie Mickle is the man that you want to talk to if you have any questions regarding Helix House and the strategies you can be implementing to rapidly grow your business. We really don’t even let him leave the office, so he should be sitting in front of his computer right now waiting to get back to you (Jeez Ronnie, get a life).


How-to find the perfect agency, maximize your advertising investment, and future-proof your business .

He can chat with you about the ways our signature services can be used to directly grow your business. Our services include:

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Email Marketing

Of course, there are a few we are not absolutely incredible at (hey, no one is perfect)
Our weakness includes:

  • List Management
  • Traditional Media Buying
  • Branding
  • Etc..

If you have a need and it is not something we kick ass at, we will happily refer you to one of our trusted industry partners.

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 Phone: (800) 588.2188

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